Wednesday, July 13, 2005

When is a crocodile not a crocodile?

I wanted to fill the KICblog today with experiences from my first (and apparently last) trip to Gush Katif. Sadly, the Pale-croco-stinians have returned with a bang (or two or three or four) and so my trip report will have to go on hold.

Well, it does not surprise me. The Palestinians never lose an opportunity to lose an opportunity and it does appear they are willing to maintain that tradition, even at the risk of weakening their internationally sanctioned leader and further destroying their legitimacy. In addition, they will now be faced with blocked entry to Israel, extra checkpoints and some re-entry of the IDF to towns recently returned to PA control.

Whether the claim that Islamic Jihad, Hamas and others represent the Palestinian minority is correct or not, they do play a powerful role in the Palestinian mindset and in the education and direction of the people generally (and the youth in particular). Here's an updated reminder of the Hamas ideals and some broadcasted Palestinian satisfaction from the London attacks.

One would think (or dream, wish and hope, just maybe) that in the shadow of Islamic terrorism in London (now understood to be British suicide bombers), the world, led by Tony Blair and London Mayor Ken Livingston, would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel who did indeed fully back the UK last Thursday. Livingston has often tried to explain or justify Palestinian terror. On the other hand, he used all kinds of phrases to explain the London events as murder, terrorism and the like.

Like it or not, the murdered Israeli teenagers and women and the many injured (including toddlers) are as innocent as any London victim. When you start to decipher and distinguish one from the other, in any way, then you are simply begging the crocodiles to bite off your other hand too.

I'm not stupid though. I know the distinctions will be made. (Sky News is already calling the Middle East crocodiles 'militants' rather than the London terrorists and manage to forget about the Netanya Park Plaza massacre of Pesach 2002 when they list past Netanya bombings).
And the New Zealand media with the most misleading headline I've ever seen!
The Sun and other world newspapers clearly do not value their bodily parts. No Islamic terrorism in Israel?

The two sets of attacks are so similar and yet treated so very differently. It's horrifying that only when Western cities are hit does the world (almost) acknowledge the notion and danger of Islamic terror, financed by countries like Iran and spreading ever so steadily across Europe and the world.

So when is a crocodile not a crocodile? Leave your answer below...

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Grumpy said...

"One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist." Bullsh*t!

When someone is prepared to sacrifice their own future - the children of their nation, as was the case with the youth suicide bomber in Netanya, or as in this case ( where the bombers were prepared to disregard the fact that American soldiers were surrounded by children, and were handing out Chocolate, just to cause some more misery.

I don't think English has a word sufficient to describe such G-d-awful, barbaric behavior.

As the Croc comparison goes Mike, it's a pretty good one, in that it also allows us to discuss the concept of Crocodile tears.

That, an does anyone remember an old children's verse: "Never smile, at a crocodile. It may take you in with its silly grin, but you should never smile at a crocodile". Can't remember how the rest of it goes. Perhaps the other readers can help re-write the verse for the current situation.