Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Ok what do you want to read first? The good or the bad news? Here we go...

When I read over my KICblog experience of the past two months, I am smothered by the negativity that often rules society. Therefore, I was so pleased to read a article this morning that gives real meaning to 'giving' and reflects the human face of the IDF. For many of us, we did not need reminding that IDF soldiers are, most of the time, simply you and me, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, lawyers, doctors, taxi drivers, lawyers, Rabbis, butchers and flower sellers. In a society that needs greater respect for its environment and increased care for its ever-problematic youth, these initiatives re-create those true Jewish and Zionist feelings that are sometimes tucked away or smothered by the 'other issues'.

Another bit of good, (better late than never), is a very clear and sensible release of an Orange Code for those who wish to protest disengagement. The stipulations against violence and hatred are clear. Let's hope this helps to direct people's concerns and beliefs sensibly and alienates those who wish to stir up undemocratic and unacceptable tension.

On to the bad! The bad is not as bad per se as it is frustrating and concerning. I'll leave it for yourselves to decipher. Can anyone work out which version of the 'lynching' last week is the correct one? While I do not doubt that such an event may have or may well occur at the hands of extreme Israeli citizens, I am also wary of the Palestinian and the media lust to paint the right-wing sector in a bad orange light. I condemned the 'lynch' in my last KICblog. Now take a look at this version of events from Arutz-7.

Finally, the ugly - Shulamit Aloni. Now obviously I am not referring to her looks. (You decide about that!) Rather her opinion piece on ynetnews that clearly incites and promotes disunity and hatred among Israelis. In a time of strained brotherhood and a deep struggle for understanding, tolerance and mutual respect, I find her opinions brimful with intolerance, incitement and lack of understanding.

I am open to freedom of speech and opinion but I find such one-sided, completely unsympathetic and misleading views to be unhelpful and a poor reflection on Shulamit (a former Meretz MK) and others who can not spare a moment to consider how others see the situation.

One can fly blue ribbons or paint yourself orange - that's your choice. That's democracy! However, extremism from either side is bad and ugly.When you seek to destroy the tolerant and open-minded essence of Israeli society (or what remains of it!) then I believe your opinion is no longer relevant.

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