Thursday, July 07, 2005

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"There were bodies everywhere. Heads and bits of bodies, heads and arms and legs all ripped away. There seemed to be kids lying around as well as adults. I'm just in shock, it's something I'll never forget."

It is all too shockingly familiar for Israelis. Those words coming from a British witness to the horrific terror campaign that took center stage in London today. As Gilly points out (and like 9-11), there is a real feeling of "Reverse Blast". Suddenly Israelis are worried about loved ones in the UK. A strange and uncomfortable feeling...

I am not in favor of comparisons because a nation and society suffers its own unique and heavy loss. At the same time, this kind of attack really is very much what we live through here daily - or at least the fear of such attacks. We are not talking now about hijacked planes killing 3000 people. Rather the random, smaller scale (no less disgusting) attacks on civilains crowded in public transport and the like.

If the world was an honest place, the headlines would scream "Welcome To Israel!"
Or maybe that is unfair. Nonetheless, it is just so very sad that the world rarely takes stock of itself and the terrorism with which Israelis live - that is, until it visits them at home.

Within minutes of the first blasts I sent a text message to a friend in London. His simple response: "Well mate, it looks like Arafat's legacy has finally come visiting".

He was indeed the founder and master of modern terrorism and his cohorts are making sure that his contributions to the world will remain for us to 'enjoy' for the forseeable future.

My blessings go out to the families of those murdered and to those who lie injured and maimed. And to those millions who are now quite simply but heavily bewildered...

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