Sunday, July 03, 2005

Eye on the Ball

Shabbat meals were brimful with debate over the hotel evacuation and the near lynching of Palestinians late last week. This morning a poll has appeared that indicates an increase in support for Disengagement. Frankly I am not surprised after last week's attack on the Orange by its most loyal supporters.

Loyalty gets you nowhere when in fact you are causing damage to your goal. Whether for or against the Disengagement Plan, the reasonable, open-minded Israeli feels sympathy and even sadness for the plight of the Gaza Jewish communities who are set to lose their homes, businesses, communities and the like.

Tragically, you have the extreme right (Kach-niks etc) who have done great damage to the residents of Gush Katif and to others who live in settlements. One can not but deplore and condemn the Jewish attack on the Palestinian youths, as did the Israeli government in the strongest terms. The very fact however that one of the Palestinians says Neve Dekalim's security chief lay on him in order to protect him gives us at least some comfort that the reasonable settlement resident remains sane, humane and reasonable - I never doubted it!

Israeli soldiers protected them too and the IDF is repairing the house in question and have sent Army Officers to visit the family of the injured Palestinian.

The Yesha Council and all political streams have condemned the actions of those who seek to brighten the orange by crossing some very sacred red lines.

For those who have spent any time in settlements or with residents from those communities, know very well that the extremists paint a very misleading picture of the very warm and (in all respects) normal people who live there.

As difficult as it is to watch Jew manhandling Jew, we can express satisfaction that the first 'evacuation' (at the hotel) passed 'peacefully'. This for me illustrated some real hope, maturity and hinted that the majority of people still have their 'eye on the ball' and are looking at the bigger Zionist picture.

Today's Jerusalem Post editorial is a succinct summary of the thoughts of many and like other centre-right bodies takes a reasoned and responsible take on last week's events.

I would be pleased to read your comments... Shavua Tov!

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