Monday, July 18, 2005

Please Fasten Your Seatbelt

Things are moving so fast here that I'm not sure this KICblog will still be relevant by the time I've finished typing. Needless to say, we appear to be on the fast track to somewhere we may not like very much.

Today's actions by the government to stop the large anti-Disengagement protest threatens to boil over. Things have been boiling for a while now. But I'm talking about the pot falling off the stove and people getting badly burnt. That's not a threat (G-d forbid) - that's my fear!

I can sympathize with Sharon who is positioned between committed anti-Disengagement citizens and the new onslaught of terror rocket and suicide attacks. I appreciate his and the security establishment's desire to keep tens of thousands of protestors out of the range of Palestinian rockets. I understand the Sharon and colleagues wish to carry out these D-Days without the extra interference of thousands of non-resident Gaza dwellers. Some of the extreme right have done stupid and immoral things and democracy will deal with them.

And yet, maybe it's time for Democracy to stand up and shout: "Hey! Remember me?!!"

On an issue that possibly splits Israelis as close to 50-50 as possible, it does appear highly provocative to outlaw the orange people protest and then to take such measures as confiscating bus driver licenses, seizing buses and encircling the town of Netivot to stop the protest getting off the ground. I am therefore not surprised by the statements that are now appearing from Likud rebels and leaders of the anti-D team. It also does not come as a surprise to read in recent mintues of two female IDF soldiers refusing to block the roads to Netivot.

The Government and the Police/IDF on one side and the Orange team on the other - both need to take stock of themselves immediately and re-evaluate as to where they wish to lead their people and all of us for that matter.

Sad really that we are talking about "sides" when in fact we should be one. Whatever side you take, take your helmet with you and fasten your seatbelt.

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