Thursday, July 21, 2005

Kfar Maimon to London - really!

Confused and wild reports coming in from London about more tube explosions, bus explosion and shooting in various areas of the city.

Awaiting further updates and hoping for only better news.

As much as I would like the British people to have more sympathy for Israel's terrorism experiences, sadly Britain seems to be becoming very similar to Israel in the worst way possible.

UPDATE: "He said that a man was carrying a rucksack and the rucksack suddenly exploded. It was a minor explosion but enough to blow open the rucksack," McCracken said. "The man then made an exclamation as if something had gone wrong. At that point everyone rushed from the carriage."

Reports like this and a further hunt for a man with wires protruding from his shirt suggest that London is now up to its Livingston (!) in an Islamic terror campaign to bring the city to its knees. I feel for British citizens because, like all Israelis, I know the fear & anger that such evil campaigns can create.

Like Israelis, (now VERY like Israelis, Mr Livingston), the British will have to quickly adjust and learn to be vigilant and yet remain committed to defeating these people - that is, if you can find them.

Without trying to appear overly confident of our own (somewhat unstable) safety here, it does not take a genius (or a KICblog) to realize that it is going to be a great deal more difficult for the UK, US and friends to track down al-Qaida terrorists than it is for Israel to act against the Palestinian terrorists.
You see, not only is Israel much smaller and easier to defend generally, but the IDF also knows where most Palestinian instigators drink their coffee and smoke their nargila.

It hurts most when the terrorists are your very own born and breed British subjects. So where does Tony Blair start? Which country or should I say, which British city?

I am glad the casualty total is low this time. To what extent do you think that calms the nerves at Downing Street and Scotland Yard?

Your thoughts welcome below...

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ifyouwillit said...

There has been a bomb in one country or another almost every day for the past week, be it Iraq, UK, Spain or Egypt, the world is a changing place and our generation will grow old in a world whose eyes need to become focused and aware of all around us.

Shavua Tov.