Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Letting Tzahal Win

Suddenly the Israeli government is behaving like any Western democracy should. Now we are starting to see the operational ability and intelligence brilliance of the IDF as they have FINALLY been given the green light to respond to missile fire on Israeli homes inside Israel proper.

Maybe there was hesitation because such military responses leaves the comment "Oops maybe Disengagement didn't separate us as well as we had expected" etched in to the sands of Gaza. Of course it iss election time and no doubt Kadima need to strike a balance between striking at illegal Jewish communities and striking at Islamic terror. It appears Israel will not be deterred by the cartoonist terror gangs of this neighborhood. Or maybe, just maybe, the Qassam-inflicted fracturing of a baby boy's skull on Friday was what was required to jolt Kadima forward - (excuse the too often repeated play on words).

It's peculiar isn't it that in a week that we've faced a barrage of missile fire in the north and the south, witnessed a murderous stabbing attack and stopped numerous suicide bombers, that Shin Bet security chief Yuval Diskin should come out against land gifts when there is in fact noone on the other side to ensure secure and responsible administration of those gifts. Chief-of-Staff Yaalon lost his job basically by saying similar things prior to Disengagement.

Amazing really then that most Israelis still back the Kadima unilateral borders approach to peacemaking and security. Amazing really and yet hardly surprising. Is there any other country in the world that boasts 6 million Prime Ministers?

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