Monday, February 06, 2006

Land of Israel Lovers

Arutz-7 came across a very important piece of commentary - important enough in my opinion that it be posted to the KICblog. It made me think... and think again.

Yehoram Gaon Decries War Against Land of Israel Lovers

They call them, justifiably, law-breakers. But... law-breakers are those who fire Lau missiles at their competing gangsters' homes and kill people along the way, and drug-dealers and pimps. So with all the due respect that you do not give them, at least agree with me that the law-breakers in Amona have a different type of motivation.... Why are they, of all people, being persecuted?
Do you realize how many building violations there are in Israel? Why specifically them, and why specifically now? And who wants to prove what this time, and to who, and why specifically at their expense? Like Hillel the Elder, I sandwich in this matza not only the establishment, but also the leadership of the settlers... But it appears that the youth no longer have leaders other than this land. The land is leading and directing and forcing its will, and sending them to fight for it, and they agree to do so - like a lover for his loved one, with great truth and without compromise. Zionism '06.
I know it's not popular today to say nice things about the settlers. All my colleagues in radio and television are very, very angry at them - but what to do? Only one who fights for his land, cities and fields, and for every caravan and every clod of earth, acquires it, by virtue of his love and dedication.

Read this important opinion IN FULL at Arutz-7 (Israel National News)

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