Thursday, December 01, 2005

Royal Rumble

Would someone please tell me what is going on?!! After ten days in the frustrating and KICless fortress of car accidents, hospitals, police stations, junk yards, lawyers and insurance companies, I have finally found these few minutes to return to give you a KIC. And yet, the world of Israeli Current Affairs lacks the familiarity it had last week, or the week before. I am feeling a bit lost.

Ahhh here's some comfort! I am not the only Israeli shaking his/her head in disbelief and unimaginable discomfort. In one week in this magic country, the Knesset and the political system has taken on a new look - what I think I will coin, "The WWF Evolution".
Yes - Hulk Hogan, The Bushwhackers and Hacksaw Jim Duggan once graced the wall of my New Zealand bedroom and it does appear that Israelis enjoy a little display of their very own WWF Wrestling antics.

It was always tremendously exciting to watch a 'bad guy' team up with the good guys and vice-versa. The way someone unexpected (an arch enemy even!) would run in to the ring to 'clothesline' an unexpecting friend and save the enemy from certain defeat. It used to keep us up for hours at night, stacked in front of the TV waiting for the next interview, retirement, accusation, betrayal, reunion and dirty trick. Ahhh those were the days.

Wrong! These are the days! You can watch it all over again. WWF and Israeli politics - don't they just smell the same, look the same and amuse you similarly? Get practicing the rolled Israeli 'R' because we are in for one Royal Rumble to remember!

When I facilitate a KICsession on Israeli Politics or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I always give one piece of advice - in order to succeed in the understanding of Israel's relationship with the Arab nation and the world, you must first delve into inner Israeli politics and society, the electoral system and the political parties. To say that things are forever changing here is to state the obvious. More than that, the last week has changed everything. Nothing I have theorized before makes a great amount of sense right now. Israel is not quite the place it was last week and certainly its rainbow stage of political ideologies and stars is barely recognizable.

Keeping It Current for groups in Israel is bound to present even greater challenges now.

I can't wait!

(Back later with more than a little KIC...)

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