Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Disappearance Act

We are sorry that the KICblog has not been updated during this week's huge developments in the Israeli political system and the terror attacks by Iranian and Syrian-backed Hezbollah in the North. Michael is currently dealing with a family issue that has arisen unexpectedly. He hopes to be back and KICing in the coming days.

In the meantime, we invite you to type your comments (by clicking below) and let us know your thoughts on Sharon's moves, the future of the Likud and the situation in the North. When you can't get KICed, KIC yourself a little!

Regards - the KICteam


Hugh said...

Sharon's move will not make any difference to Sharon's ambitions - a unilaterally imposed settlement that cannot be viewed as a win by both parties. It will therefore not lead to peace. In the longer term there can be no security for Israel until there is a mutually agreed peace. It will be interesting for Israel's enemies to note Sharon's reasons for leaving the Likud - that all this time the Likud has been seeking land instead of peace and still refuses to alter this policy!

Mordechai Schiller said...

Is Sharon's leaving Likud and forming a new "National Responsibility" party the second shoe falling? Is the Middle East ready for peace? Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, who took on Israel's enemies in "The Case for Israel," has a new book out called "The Case for Peace." According to Dershowitz, the first shoe dropped with what he calls the "untimely" death of Arafat. (Untimely because it came too late!) You can read more--and download sample chapters--of "The Case for Peace" at