Wednesday, December 21, 2005

KICing the BBC (and others)

Last night (Tuesday) I led a live Web Conference online with a class at the American Hebrew Academy in North Carolina, USA. As well as learning about Israel's current political landscape and reviewing the online Ambassador Course that we are involved in at this time, I gave them the opportunity to analyze and respond to several pieces of cruel media magic.

In this post, you can see one of the misleading cartoons that I presented online. It was published in Brazil after Sheik Ahmed Yassin's death. He was the founder and spiritual leader of the Hamas terror group that still maintains its rocket fire and homicide bombings against Israel to this day.

At the time of Israel's removal of Yassin, world leaders did their very best to defend this arch-terrorist. British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw went as far as to question how Israel's assassination of an old man in a wheel chair would benefit Israel and called it unlawful. Ironically, his assassination and that of his replacement Rantisi provided a new deterrent factor in the conflict and was the main cause of a great reduction in terror that followed for months afterwards.
Like many world leaders, Jack Straw had the chutzpah to back Israel's right to defend herself while expressing outrage at Israel's doing so. Very very strange indeed. (Still, you can't blame them when our own Shimon Peres called it a "misguided decision").

This damage to Israel's image is of course multiplied a thousand times over by the intentional misleading of viewers by media organizations like the BBC. I think this recent revelation that has sprung up from within internal BBC staff mailings gives us full insight into why BBC reports are so terribly bias and prone to explain away the carnage and cruelty that is Palestinian terrorism - oops I mean Palestinian armed protest. It explains why anti-Semitic and dishonest cartoons like this appear worldwide as soon as Israel seeks to defend herself.

If you did not find the courage to click on the link above, I do encourage you to do so. The BBC editorial instructions there reflect a deeply cemented desire to placate Islamic terror and I ask you to direct people to this KICpost so that they can also be made aware. Tom Gross gives us some further insight into the BBC trail of misdemeanors here.

Through its current instructions to staff and its subsequent reports to viewers, the BBC has succeeded in losing all semblance of moral bearing and in attempting to keep the Moslem world and justifiers of terror sitting happily in front of the box, they have proven themselves to be an unreliable, extremely unjust reporter of news.

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