Thursday, December 29, 2005

KICless... for now

In light of my heavy commitments to study for the law exams of the Israeli Bar Association, I am taking an extended break from the KICblog and will not be running further sessions in Israel for groups until April 30th 2006.

It has been a busy week. On Sunday night I drove to and from Tiberias to run a session with Philadelphian teenagers on Israeli Current Affairs and the upcoming elections. On Tuesday night, I provided Israel Advocacy Training to the Bnei Akiva MTA group of Australians and South Africans in Jerusalem. There are also still two upcoming units as part of the advocacy course that I will be teaching to the Ambassador students in the USA.

My last two lectures before this study leave will be for two AUJS groups (one in Tel Aviv and one in Jerusalem) where we will discuss the Israel-World Media Relationship. For the first time in 3 years, I will not be facilitating this semester's weekly Current Affairs evening at Ulpan Etzion for new immigrants.

In the meantime, it is my hope that a KICcolleague will be maintaining and contributing to the KICblog. He will continue to provide a means of keeping yourself current and I encourage you to continue the online debate of the issues at hand in Israel. Only through talking can we learn from each other and build bridges and he is likely to provide plenty of food for thought.

I look forward to working with your groups again from April 30th and I do hope that we will continue the KICing together here too at that time.

Have a great start to 2006 and keep it current!

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