Sunday, June 12, 2005

Worried? Me?

Erev Shavuot and all is peaceful in the Land? Ummm... no!

What is it about Israelis? I've read a few articles in the last few days about the minhag (custom) of the Israeli to go travelling around the world and then expect the Israeli Foreign Ministry to run to their rescue when trouble meets them along the way. Israelis were told not to go to Bolivia - off they went!

Now 15000 Israelis are swimming, snorkeling and relaxing in Sinai and the Government is almsot begging them to come home - "the terrorists are on their way" they claim and they say they have credible information that targets those Israeli tourists. It happened last year and it could well happen again (G-d forbid!). Do we need another big, painful KIC before we'll understand?

And yet, the 'calm', the 'ceasefire', the new PA leadership - it's no brighter at home. I do hate to appear pessimistic but let's look at the last 36 hours or so. PA releases Islamic jihad terrorists; PA Foreign Minister says terrorist weapons are legal during occupation. Where is all this heading - seriously?

Moreover, the polls are showing an increase of dissatisfcation with the Disengagement Plan - some polls showing 48-50% of Israelis in favor - and that's it! The Likud rebels have launched a new anti-D campaign and there seems to be a lot of Orange around right now. Regardless whether I think the plan is correct or not, the increase in terror attenmpts (and successes) appear to be reducing public support for the Sharon line of thinking. Though many still back the Plan and warn of dire consequences should segments of right wing carry out any terror act.

In essence though, Israelis are starting to witness a stronger, more arrogant set of terror groups and a PA leadership that is at best incapable or indifferent and at worst... who knows?!!

Let's hope that the Giving of the Torah which we celebrate tonight and tomorrow will re-inspire the Jewish people and bring light and desire for peace to all nations.

Chag Sameach!

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