Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Trains again

Trains and tracks were the themes of a recent KICblog. Tragically, trains are the focus of much of our thoughts today as we peruse details of the horrific accident that killed 8 and left hundreds injured yesterday in Israel.

Having only yesterday KIC-ed you with a blog about the uncomfortable behavior of some Israelis, this train accident has left us with this bitter expectation that these casualties were avoidable. Though still unproven for this set of events, reports are that the company for which the truck driver worked has recently been investigated for allowing drivers to work 40-hour shifts. In addition, there have been claims that electronic equipment used to monitor driver hours has been 'bypassed' in some of their vehicles.

If this is so and such findings exist in this train versus truck accident, it is not only criminal but another example of the diabolical state of Israel's business and (to large extent) its moral standards. I blogged about it just yesterday - why do we treat people in this way?

With sadness often comes insight. Such a shame we are often forced to await the former before receiving the latter. The Orange Team (in the right hand corner) cancelled today's planned 23-highway challenge in respect for thhe accident victims and mourners.
Ahhh... for me at least, a sense of family and Achdut (unity) resurfaces. It is nice to see that not everything falls by the wayside for the political beliefs of one side. I do not wish to exaggerate but I was impressed at the decision taken.

And yet, there were those across the Internet who arrogantly claimed that it was simply an orange marketing decision because TV would be focused on trains and not highways. Of course, some others suggested Israel should focus on the War on Trains instead of "murdering little Arab children". Then there are the silly people who shouted that Israel resumed targetted killings while people were busy watching train victims.

But lastly and ghastly this afternoon, the anti-disengagement people (or what I imagine to be an extreme minority of them) placed suspicious objects (with anti-disengagement messages) in two Israeli court houses. Not only does this take away from the orange respect for the train victims but it drains support for them from the wider public... and from me.

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