Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Winds of Change

It doesn't surprise me that the US House of Representatives passed motions last week that urged the UN to launch a campaign against anti-Semitism. It also was not totally surprising that the Americans went on to criticize the tradition of Israel-bashing at the UN. For decades this has amounted to a completely lop-sided number of General Assembly resolutions against the Jewish state. Without the US veto at the Security Council, we would have witnessed even greater (and binding) Israel bashing there too.

All in all, the US are allies of Israel and therefore such supportive actions warm us and do not shock us. (Maybe ironic that all this comes in a week when the US is 'playing diplomatic boss' when it comes to Israel's military sales).

Regardless, the UN has accepted the US recommendations at least in relation to anti-Semitism. The UN-Israel relationship is dynamic and somewhat frustrating and yet we might be experiencing an encouaging change in recent times. In addition to what is listed in the linked article (above), Dan Gillerman (Israel's UN representative) is about to be elected to the esteemed position of Vice-President of the UN General Assembly. In a further positive sign, he was the candidate of the Western grouping of 30 countries. This great Israeli achievement can not be played down.

Why now you might ask? The pro-Disengagement team would argue that such developments are a result of Sharon's concessions for peace. It is in fact hard to reject such an argument seeing as we have seen some warming in Israeli-European relations (for example) in light of the Gaza-Northern Samaria plan.
Still, the question remains - how warm will that 'warming' me after Disengagement, when the media and the world looks for further Israeli concessions?

And what is everyone playing these days? Not rugby my friends (sadly!) - Rather, a provocative little internet game that lets you take IDF soldiers and Jewish towns out of the West Bank. Of course, the Associated Press (courtesy of Haaretz) is having a field day with this one.

When the game is over though, the 'fun' will still be awaiting us...

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