Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Suspicious Minds

Maybe I need a good KIC (and a good sleep!) ... and correct me if I'm wrong - but aren't the Americans and Brits now playing in the political playground with Hamas?

Today, like other times this week, there are reports of diplomatic contacts between Western world leaders and the infamous terror group. In fact, according to some sources, 'the world' is offering to take Hamas off the terror list if they stop attacks against Israel and dismantle its military wing.

Now regardless of your opinion on Middle East peace, does this not all seem a bit mind-blowing. This is the same Hamas (that while segments might provide clothing and food for the poor etc) has otherwise happily (joyfully infact!) murdered countless Israeli civilians over the last 4 years and previously. When they say 'end the occupation', they have always intended ending the Zionist enterprise - period! That is no secret.

I just don't know about all this? As a reader of exclaimed - is it that you give someone the 'democratic' label and then immediately you climb into the diplomatic hottub with them?

Ok so Hamas will be part of upcoming PA elections and according to the polls, they might well control the PA come August. How does that strenghten Abbas as Israel has been pressured to do? And is that the great concept of democracy at work or simply a poor (and horrific) reflection on the current ideology of Palestinian voters.

I can't see Georgy and Tony offering sweet incentives to Bin Laden and their wasn't much sweet talk with Sadaam. Hamas only recently entered a ceasefire that they barely (in fact DO NOT) adhere to and now they're candidates for removal from the terror list?

"But they'll disarm and accept Israel", say the West. Ok sure... now I'm convinced.

A strange thing democracy!

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Batya said...

Bushies and Brits love Arabs. Why are you surprised?