Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Sunday KIC

As strange as it may seem, I am finding it difficult to find any mention of the AUT (UK) re-vote results on the Israeli news websites. Why is that? Maybe it's not as crucial as we made out! OK, here it is on the Jerusalem Post. I am sure the fight will not finish there...

Mahmoud Abbas' visit to Bush passed without too much controversy. It appears that the US wants to increase its involvement in the peace process (or starting it!). That's not a bad thing. As reported, Sharon and Israel will be under a great deal more pressure (re: settlements etc) should Abbas manage to dismantle the terror groups. It appears that that is the understanding - if Abbas succeeds, Israel will also need to give.

Still after these last few days of attacks and discovery of suicide bomb belts etc on their way to central Israel, it seems unlikely that we're going to have a quiet summer. It really is quite clear that Hamas and brothers are simply using this quieter (but far far far from quiet) time to re-build for the "Day after Disengagement".

Two websites for you to check out: TeachKidsPeace that is prominent on the Haaretz advertisement banners these days and JewWatch which was sent to me accompanied by a neo-Nazi website that is monitoring the New Zealand Jewish community. Oh what a pretty world we live in! The former site (above) is pretty impressive. Worth a read!

Soccer/football fever is approaching Israel again this coming Saturday. Israel playing Ireland in the World Cup qualifiers. I must admit, soccer is a very silly sport in comparison to the holy rugby of New Zealand but I can't help but admit my excitement at Israel's last two performances and I did watch both games. Israel always needs morale-boosting achievements. Sport can provide that. Let's hope this weekend gives us a few more smiles.

Shavua Tov!


ifyouwillit said...

With Abbas's visit to the US, and the not so infreqent Kassam and aprehended bomber, I fear we are still on the same old viscious circle that started many a year ago.

I don't even think there is a hope that disenagement will give us more leaverage for retaliation or defence in the international communities eyes, even in the world of Post August Gaza.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this site current :). It's great that every day it's face gets a lift.
Two comments:
1) I'm not sure why you posted that link to the Jewwatch in NZ. It's a pathetic site and it actually is laughable compared to many more sophisticated sites from the US and Europe (Belgium in particular). All you have accomplished is to have them be hit many more times then they actually would have. I'm surprised that they did not report the Asian Tsunami being caused by underwater nuclear tests coordinated by the US and Israel and are still stuck on the old Twin Towers lie.
2) I think that your criticism of the US policy in your previous post was somewhat naive. Why should GWB be more of a Zionist that the PM of Israel. If Sharon is willing to transfer Jews who are innocent in order to appease Arabs with blood on their hands, why should a non-Jew have any more sensitivity?

Michael Lawrence said...

Hi Anonymous - thanks for your feedback. I am trying (as you say) to keep the site 'current' and encourage you to send your colleagues in the KIC direction so that they can be involved in the discussion.

As for your specific feedback, I'm not too worried about giving anti-Semites more Net hits. At the least, this link will make Jews and non-jews aware that such hatred and racism exists.

As for the US and UK's talks with Hamas, I'm not sure that we can put this down to Sharon's Disengagement Plan. Without a doubt, Hamas see the Plan as a capitulation to terror but we should not forget that this is not the way Sharon or Mofaz see it and rest assured, the IDF will not be asked to sit back and watch Hamas attack Israel during or post-Disengagement.

More than that, as controversial as Disengagement might be, the Israel government is not recognizing Hamas in the process. Israel is not offering Hamas anything! In fact, Israel still demands that Abbas dismantle their terror network! If Gaza falls into the hands of Hamas control, that is simply a poor reflection on Palestinian society and its aims rather than the choice of Sharon or Israel.

In essence, Sharon is making decisions which he believes are for Israel's interests. I am not sure this is strictly the aim of Bush and Blair and that might well mark the important difference between the two policy approaches.

I stick by my comparison with Osama & Sadaam. The Americans would never negotiate the disarming and subsequent political recognition of Mr Bin Laden.

Thanks for your KICback.