Monday, May 30, 2005

Societal Meltdown?

KIC isn't only about peacemaking and terrorism. When I facilitate Current Affairs discussion, I do make an effort to broach other Israeli issues. One such issue is glaring me in the face this morning as the Israeli papers scream out headlines of murder, underworld bombings and other drive-by shootings, rape, beatings etc.

For many years I have argued that while terrorism might too often rule the day here in Israel, the streets of the this Land are still safer as far as crime (violent or not) is concerned. Many of my female friends express their comfort at walking Jerusalem streets at night, a comfort not enjoyed overseas. But try making that point to mourning family & friends of Ma'ayan Sapir in Rechovot. Point in case!

When you look at the long and ever-increasing list of horrific rapes (often by teenagers), intra-family murders, playground knifings, bank robberies and the like, you begin to ponder where this is all going and why. Many blame it plainly on the 4 years of tension, fear and financial losses (personal and national). I am not ruling that out. Others often point fingers at Israel's large immigration of the last decade or so.
Maybe this is simply and sadly the continuing McDonaldization of Israel that brings some good and some very bad with it.

I personally still feel safe here crime-wise. But maybe I'm naive or at least a little protected from societal reality. Just maybe I'm not feeling the KIC of a young developing society that is arguably on the brink of social meltdown...

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