Monday, October 10, 2005

Stating the Case

I would like to encourage KICblog readers to register to an online course that will enhance your ability to advocate and defend Israel in the media, on campus, at your office and even among friends.

Stating the Case is presented by Israeli Foreign Ministry representatives and hosted by the eAcademy of the Jewish Agency for Israel.

I strongly recommend your involvement in the course which includes video presentations and thorough online direction and training my forum facilitators.

See the link above, read about the course and register now.

The KICblog will be back with full commentary on Israeli Current Affairs shortly...


Cosmic X said...

The Foreign Ministry itself has failed in presenting Israel's case to the world. What in the world are they going to teach others?

Michael Lawrence said...

The oil in Israel's public relations machine does need replenishing at times but let's keep in mind that Israel's task is long and infinitely difficult. There have been some achievements in recent years and this course provides another way for Israel to improve its image and to present its just arguments to the world.
If supporters of Israel become involved in such initiatives, there will be a much greater number of people out there who can successfully advocate for Israel.

Get involved and contribute! It's the only way to make a change.