Sunday, October 30, 2005

Israel Advocacy Program

The Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Jewish Agency for Israel will be hosting another excellent online "Ambassador Course" starting 7 November. For a fairly small financial contribution (and even smaller for students), you can participate in a 4-week online course led by well-known Israel Advocate Neil Lazarus. "Ambassador" trains you to promote and defend Israel - in the media, on campus, in the elevator and so on.

The course includes video lectures and online forums. I have taught the course previously on behalf of the Ministry and the Jewish Agency and I found it both informative and enlightening (even from the perspective of a teacher). It allows you to meet other pro-Israel advocates online and to work together with them in building ideas and comparing experiences.

Click here to read more about the course and to register. Please send this posting to friends and family (by clicking on the envelope icon below) and encourage them to get involved in this online educational Israel experience.

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