Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I was a bit worried about adopting the title above. Who knows who will come visiting the KICblog as a result of a Google search with an entirely different kind?!!

So why am I infesting the KICblog with X-Rated material? Simply, just like pictures that depict pornography, child abuse or violence towards people or animals, I am not the only Israeli who currently feels violated by the pictures (moving and still) that we are receiving from the Gaza Strip and the Northern Shomron. This is by no means a criticism of one side or the other - rather a reflection of the incredible
heaviness, tension and sadness that has enveloped most of the country this week.

Just yesterday, a friend of mine, left-wing and secular explained to me how she would have waved goodbye to the settlements and the territories years ago if she were PM. And yet, she said quite seriously, she feels incredible pain for the Jewish communities of Gush Katif and every one of their inhabitants.
She is not alone in wearing the blue ribbon, but feeling blue too.

However, I have read the opinions of some Israelis, Diaspora Jews and non-Jews who speak deceitfully and horribly about right-wing opponents to disengagement. I was shocked that an IDF reserve soldier could write how "I wish we could take our riot gear, batons and bullets and teach those criminal settlers a lesson they'll never forget". Then he added a further comment about how "the settlers contribute nothing to the country and neither enrich or improve it".

A mother of a soldier rang her IDF son who is in Gaza and ordered him to open fire on the next group of settlers who surround them and their jeep or punctures their jeep tyres. Thanks Mum - maybe sign up for officer's course!

Sadly, there are others like them who are blinded by their own political opinions and use public forums to promote and incite against their brothers. At the same time, the leaders of the right wing must also show the maturity and responsibility that true leaders should show. They must stop violent tactics if they can. The red lines are thin and easily crossed - from both sides.

The photos in this blog represent (for me at least) the true essence of Disengagement. The international media (and some of their Israeli counterparts) are intoxicated with the joy of showing orange teenagers facing off with the IDF and the police.
As I have always seen it, intoxicated people do not really have full control of their faculties and there is no difference here.

For me and for the mainstream, this is no war. This is a tragic disagreement within our family and the photos I am providing here reflect the true brotherhood and the pain that exists at these moments. Some of these pictures are truely heartbreaking, as are those that depict violence and disunity. The sight of soldiers crying like babies and our IDF strong men and women (I mean boys and girls!) hugging those that they are forced to evict, makes the Jewish heart tremble.

That's not politics. That's love and honesty. G-d willing, as President Katsav pointed out, I too hope in the end and for all Israel, "we have love and that she will win" as predicted by those in orange.

So where's the X-Rated material? Those are the photos above. X-Rated because even if love does eventaully prevail, these photos and stories could scar this generation forever. Disengagement is not something that can be hidden from our children, nor our parents nor ourselves. In the heart of Tel Aviv however, some people recognize the difficulties involved and others do in fact try to sweep Disengagement dilemmas under the carpet.

I only pray and hope that we can find the inner strength to look at soldier hugging settler and see the pain but not the hate. Let's feel each other's hurt without hurting. Let's make these photos the X-Factor inherent in our unity as a people rather than the X-Rated material that some wish to make them.


Safranit said...

I see the tears on both sides (from the pictures) as something positive...we realize what has to be done, and is being done, but it is being done with care.

ash said...

I am actually proud of our people. No matter what the belief we have shown that aprt from a few crazies which every society has, we disagree only with words, not violence.
Unlike other parts of the world that resort to the gun and bomb to shape public opinion, are people sing, hug and cry together. We are a special people and that is why the eternal nation does not fear the long road.

Michael Lawrence said...

Ash - I couldn't agree with you more. Though horrific to watch on TV, the restraint shown by all sides (in general) has certainly helped deal with the difficult times.
Still, attacks on Arabs really are crazy, unacceptable and unhelpful.

ifyouwillit said...

Ash, you are right. It is touching to see the police/army crying with the settlers. Thank G-d there has been little violence.

Anonymous said...

Although it is nice to see that the soldiers are crying and are real human beings (even though they have been brainwashed for the past month), the fact that the media conitues to point this out, is a crime towards those being kicked out of thier houses.
As a friend of mine said, 'it is like everybody is more interested in the feeling of the firing squad and how hard it is for them to shoot innocent people rather then talk about the peolpe themselves'. With all due respect to the soldiers the main part of the story is the settlers who lives have been ruined and destroyed. Focusing on how hard it is for the soldiers is making them heros, and they do not deserve that.
We must remember who the victims are and they should be the main focus of the media.
Note, how many reports there have been telling how nothing was prepared for the refugees, how they were thrown out of buses in Beer Sheva, how they traveled around the country for 8 hrs. on a bus and so on...

Michael Lawrence said...

Anonymous hi - thanks for your comment. I believe that for the interests of rebuilding our little nation after the strains of the last week, we need to recognize time and again that this was a controversial plan carried out with emotional strain and pain and by security forces, most of which felt real sorrow for the families. Believe it or not, most people, including politicians in favor of Disengagement, feel bad. (Granted that some show little semblance of respect!)
No one has forgotten how horrific this is for the families. No way! But simply, different pain exists in many corners and we must direct that pain towards new and positive means of creating unity in this great country.