Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Sand & The Hour Glass

"Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives..."

And so begins the infamous American TV soap. I haven't lost the plot - it's simply my analogy for the little Iranian soap opera that continues to be produced, episode by episode.

This week has seen some Iranian themes and episodes that closely match the story that has been evolving over the last few years. Iran, according to some, is only a few years from being "unstoppable" on their merry way to nuclear weapons capability. Some American experts now claim it might be as far as way as ten years. (Far away?)

Either way, the Europeans appear (at last!) to be losing patience with the Iranian double-talk and its new, less moderate leader. I am hoping that the sand in the Iranian hour glass has finally begun to flow at a quicker rate to the bottom half of the glass. No country can be more satisfied with the European threats of Security Council sanctions than Israel herself. Let's face it - only Israel and not the USA or the Europeans will be faced with an existential threat should Iran be allowed to play the "it's only for civilian use" game for much longer. While thousands of USA and allied troops are in range, their respective homelands are not in immediate risk - unless of course weapons of mass destrcuction are gifted to Osama and friends.

Israel to its credit has toned down its rhetoric of late. They have plenty to deal with already. Regardless, I did read an article some time ago that none of us should be surprised if we wake up one morning and hear that Israel has flown a mission to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities.
The truth be told - Israel could probably do it with at least some success. They've invested in longer range fighter jet technology with Iran in mind. But the consequences would be, at best, unknown and at worst... well, who knows?

Israel should sit tight for now and continue to provide intelligene and support to USA's determination to rid the world of terror supporters and pray that the Europeans continue to exhibit at least some semblance of understading of the threat posed by a nuclear Iran that is already up to its armpits in terror-related activity.

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