Sunday, September 03, 2006

Prisoner Exchange - Pleasure or Pain?

I can not for a moment imagine the pain of the families of IDF soldiers who remain in the cruel hands of Hezbollah and Hamas enemies. Surely I have no right to deny the pleasure of a homecoming for their husbands, sons, brothers and themselves.

But at what price? Where do we strike a balance? Is it possible to find such a balance? Must we reward terror regardless and encourage it - for the sake of bringing our boys home?

Click below and hear my view on the issue and leave your comments. What would you do if you were sitting in Olmert's chair?

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Anonymous said...

How about the Lebanese that are still prisoners in Israel? How about the occupied territories?
Don't look at a one-side story

Tzook Bar Noy said...

Although the pain the captured soldiers have, I dont think we shul make an exchange for terrorists with blood on their hands!

Tzook Bar Noy
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