Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Words as Loud as Actions

I have decided that there is not much need to dwell on the burning and destruction of synagogue structures by Palestinian mobs following Israel's completed withdrawal from Gaza on Septemeber 11 (ironic date really). We have seen that mob mentality many times in the last 5 (and 50 years) and even in light of Israeli and other pleas to protect the synagogues, it was not difficult to predict the actions that would follow.

Not hard to predict maybe, but quite difficult to watch. Some international news sources pass it off as celebrations. Shame. And then of course in that same article there's a nice reference to all the homes and mosques that Israel has destroyed - such comments tend to always appear without clarification or perspective and do very well to equate the two sides' actions in the minds of those who know no different.

So it's almost all action as usual in this little strip of land. And yet, things people say also deserve some attention. There's Abbas openly saying he has no intention to disarm Hamas - that won't do much for Road Map progress I'm sure. And you have Israel (Mofaz, Halutz and others) going to all lengths to emphasize that now we've left Gaza, the response to any terror attacks, mortar and missile fire will be different and harsher. I think the majority of Israelis demand as much. We'll wait to see whether such eventuates.

At times though, Israel leaders come out with some iceberg look-a-like comments that would sink any ship. It's hard to know whether some of them are simply political maneuvering or just plain stupid. Here's my top 5 for the last week or so:

5 - Labor MK (after apparently closed meeting) quoted Chief of Staff Halutz - we have mortars too!
4 - Limor Livnat - let's just build in the territories even if the USA doesn't like it.
3 - Shaul Mofaz - don't show any pity to those at checkpoints, even if it causes anger and delays.
2 - Ariel Sharon - we build but we don't talk about it.
1 - (The winner) - Rav Ovadia Yosef - Hurricance Katrina is punishment for Disengagement

I guess some of these things need to be said sometimes. (Others should never be thought let alone said). But honestly, even if valid, some things are better left unsaid, especially those which you say you don't talk about anyway. (Strange!). Gaining votes is nice, but let's at least be slightly diplomatic. We might understand what you're saying and agree with you but our friends and enemies worldwide show little patience for Israeli mouthing off.

If you have any other infamous verbal icebergs to share with us, please let us know about them...


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