Monday, April 24, 2006

Israel's helping hand: Israeli embassy aids hurricane victims

Every year in May, Israeli embassies across the world hold celebratory receptions in luxurious venues to mark Israel's Independence Day. However, the Israeli ambassador to El Salvador, Yonatan Peled, decided to mark the event a little differently this year, and instead
of spending the money allocated for the holiday on a fancy party, he chose to donate the event's budget to the victims of Hurricane Stan and the earthquake in the country.
The donation, as well as contributions by the local Jewish community, were transferred to the Medinat Yisrael school, which is attended by 1,600 students and located in the town of Nahuizalco in the Sonsonate region, an area that was struck by both the hurricane and earthquake six months ago.
"The order of the day in El Salvador compels us to mark our Independence Day in a different manner, in light of the serious socioeconomic distress in the country, which has worsened in wake of the natural disasters," Peled explained.
The USD 30,000 donation will be used to fund the renovation of classes and for building a roofed playground at the school. The Jewish community and the small Israeli community of El Salvador have also donated their engineering and architectural skills for the project.
The embassy's Independence Day ceremony will appropriately be held at the Medinat Yisrael school, and is set to be attended by the education minister, the governor, the mayor, local parliament members and other honoraries.

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