Wednesday, April 26, 2006

For those who say Hamas is against Israel and not anti-Semitic

There have been many voices in the world who wish to white-wash Hamas and paint the terrorist organisation as peace-seeking or moderate. The fact is Hamas have never changed their line of absolutely no recognition of Israel. Western newspapers eat up the "occupation" line as they believe Hamas refers to the pre-1967 borders. When asked more specifically they say there is no room for any Israel, anywhere.
There are even those who paint Hamas as a liberation army who have no hatred of Jews, just of the Zionist occupation. Well, I think we can put all that nonsense to bed just by reading the Hamas charter.
For those who say it is out of date and irrelavent now Hamas have gained power it is interesting to note comments made by Jamal Abu Samhadana the newly appointed chief of the Palestinian security services to the British Telegraph earlier in the week.
Samhadana told The Sunday Telegraph: "We have only one enemy. They are Jews. We have no other enemy. I will continue to carry the rifle and pull the trigger whenever required to defend my people."
Note he uses the term Jew, not Israelis and not Zionists. This devout terrorist organisation seeks a religious war not based on boundaries. To Hamas there is no discussion of negotiations because they don't care about future borders, negotiating the status of refugees, water or Jerusalem. There is only one thing sought, to banish Israel and incorparet Palestine into a wider Muslim confederation. It is even a mistake to call Hamas a nationalist movement as they don't believe in national boundaries.

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ifyouwillit said...

For a group that deny the Holocaust, they have numerous Nazi references.