Sunday, March 05, 2006

Welcome Madonna!

There have been a few reports recently that Madonna is looking to buy an apartment in the Northern Israeli city of Rosh Pina. According to the reports Madonna is shopping for an Israeli home to be a center for the study of the mystical Jewish text of kabbalah - in a town where some believers think the Messiah will return to earth.
Her interest in Rosh Pina was piqued because, according to some kabbalists, the Messiah will return to Galilee by going past a wadi, or gully, in the town.
All of the properties her representatives inquired about look out on the gully.
It seems that this is the latest stupidity by 'Esther' (Madonna's chosen Hebrew name that she now likes to be called) where she is throwing her money at the cult 'Kabbalah' (not to be confused with real Kabbalah which is an integral part of Judaism).
I say welcome to Madonna and spending her money here. I say good luck to the owner of the house that Madonna has got her eye on, because they will probably get at least twice the value. If Madonna wishes to summer on the banks of the Kinneret, I say welcome. Just leave your ridiculous cult behind!

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