Thursday, March 16, 2006

Take some responsibility, Israel's Foreign Minister tells the Palestinians

I have to admit I like new Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. She seems very put together, extremely well informed and perhaps unusually for an Israeli government minister doesn't go looking for sound-bites to make the news.
In response to the Palestinians blaming Israel for the Jericho raid, Livni was straight to the point. The classic Palestinian concept is blaming Israel," she said. "The Brits warned they were about to leave (the prison) and informed him (Abbas) about it, but he did nothing. On the deciding date he found himself in Vienna, called on the international community to intervene, and blamed Israel."
"The person responsible for Abu Mazen's (Abbas) status is Abu Mazen himself," Livni said. "His position is not only dependent on Israel. His status hinges on his deeds, or failures."
Livni is correct, for too long if something goes wrong in the PA, the reflex reaction is to blame Israel, even when Israel is not at all related. Their is such a culture of victimhood amongst certain Palestinians that they believe every single occurrence in the PA is a result of Israel.
If the Palestinians want their own state one day they have to resist the temptation to build it with a chip on its shoulder. Israel was born out of the one of the worst atrocities in human memory, but Israel never blamed Europe every time something went wrong.

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