Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sumo and Wrestling are coming to Israel

Part of the everyday normality in Israel is that we should be just as quirky, strange and fascinated by bizarre things as any other people.
Firstly, Sumo is coming to Israel soon. Sumo's Sadogatake Stable, to which popular wrestler Kotooshu belongs, will perform in Israel in June, the first such event in the Middle East, officials of the Israeli Embassy in Japan said.
Sumo is becoming popular in Israel, and the embassy asked the Sadogatake Stable to visit Israel, saying it would do much to promote the reputation of Japan. The stable readily accepted the invitation.
During the event slated for mid-June in Tel Aviv, more than 10 sumo wrestlers from the Sadogatake Stable will compete. They are also expected to meet with their Israeli counterparts.
I'd love to know who the "Israeli counterparts" are. I've seen some fat people in Israel, but never heard of an Israeli Sumo wrestler.
Secondly, the more bizarre is the WWE is coming to town. Something called 'Smackdown' is coming to Tel Aviv in the summer.
So it is official, Israel has Sumo wrestlers and WWE wrestling fans......we are a normal country!?!?!

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