Monday, March 13, 2006

Sharon Stone asks forgiveness for 'Basic Instinct 2'

Sharon Stone visited the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest prayer site, in Jerusalem Saturday and prayed to God, asking His forgiveness for appearing in“Basic Instinct 2.” Stone flew to Israel last week immediately after seeing a finished cut of the movie. With photographers surrounding her, Stone bowed her head before the Western Wall, and burst into tears, asking for God’s forgiveness for not only “Basic Instinct 2,” but also 2004’s “Catwoman.”The sequel comes 14 years after the famous leg-crossing scene in “Basic Instinct” where Stone became the most talked-about actress in Hollywood. She returns to the big screen as ice-pick-wielding nymphomaniac Catherine Tramell in the sequel.
“I came here to the Western Wall to ask for forgiveness,” said an emotional Stone. “This is not about the sex scenes. We were born nude. Adam and Eve were nude. I’m not ashamed of showing my 48 year old vagina to millions of people around the world in this movie. This is simply about me asking for forgiveness for what I now believe to be an awful sequel to a great movie everyone loved. The truth is that I think it was a mortal sin to do this sequel to ‘Basic Instinct.’ I’m also asking for forgiveness for my role in ‘Catwoman.’ Also, I asked for forgiveness for deliberately putting a Komodo dragon on [former husband] Phil [Bronstein] and encouraging the dragon to bite deep into his foot.”
Stone says she invited actress Halle Berry to join her on the trip to Jerusalem, but Berry declined, maintaining that “Catwoman” was a cinematic achievement.

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