Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Peace trek prevented from entering Libya

A peace trek that intends to break down barriers by sending Israelis, Arabs and many others on a gruelling desert trek has hit on a snag. The event is part of an effort by an organisation called 'Breaking the Ice' which is currently trekking from Jerusalem to Tripoli and has been a success so far as Arabs and Israelis have broken down barriers and got to know each other beyond the conflict.
However, there is one nation that is not entering into the spirit of the event. The group was refused entry into Libya due to the participation of three Israelis who were flatly denied entrance at the border.
The group of people from around the world, including four Americans, was welcome in Libya, a special representative of Libyan leader Mohmar Qadaffi told the mission as it stood on Libyan soil just five meters from the formal border crossing. But not the Israelis.
"Israel does not exist as a country, it is Palestine. We don't allow occupiers into our country," the official said. "Now I order you all to leave Libya."
Earlier, the group had decided it would not cross into Libya unless everyone was allowed in.

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