Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Palestinian talks about "Palestinian Occupation"

There are pitifully few voices from the Palestinian world that ever attributes even a miniscule amount of their suffering to themselves. Every person of decent moral character can see the Palestinian suffering, but who is to blame?
Ray Hanania, a Palestinian writes a column for the Ynet site titled 'Occupied with occupation'. Hanania writes that for too long the Palestinians have just blamed Israel for everything, but the fact of the matter the problem goes far deeper.
"We all know about the Israeli military occupation, which began when big-mouthed, loser Arab leaders played to the emotions of their people by rattling cardboard sabers and threatening to "drive the Jews into the sea."
The Israelis are no dummies. When they faced off with the triumvirate of "impotentates" who led Egypt, Syria and Jordan back in 1967, they knew exactly how to respond. They exploited the Arab World bombast and overran everything in a few hours.
That the war actually lasted six days is a miracle.
But the real occupation that holds back Palestinians is not the Israeli military. It is the occupation they impose on themselves.
It's a societal occupation driven by rising extremism, religious fanaticism, and living in a dream world of self-pity and failed leadership.
When your leaders fail as leaders for so long, you begin to blame yourself and feel hopeless and pathetic, too. That helps the leaders to avoid accountability because the public starts to blame itself and others for its problems.
That societal occupation took a major step forward with the election of Hamas terrorists and religious fanatics. These fatalists hide behind the suffering of their people to cover up their own failure as leaders.
Their answer to a problem is to create a bigger problem. It's like an older brother's prank on a younger brother who complains that he bumped his hand and it hurts. The older brother hits the younger brother on top of his head hard, and says, "I bet you don't feel the hurt hand any more."
The other occupation is the self-imposed occupation. This is the most dangerous. Here, instead of thinking for themselves, Palestinians simply accept whatever they are told.
"We have to use suicide bombings because we don't have jet airplanes," one popular but ignorant rationalization goes. They find excuses for failure instead of developing answers or real solutions.
Let's blame the Israelis for our own problems. That's not reasoned.
The reasoned person recognizes the truth of a problem, even when that truth hurts. Even when the truth points to yourself as being as much a part of the problem as the people (Israelis) whom you blame for everything.
Instead of addressing the problem, we then address the emotion. Because it is so much easier to hate someone than it is to accept blame and then correct the problem."

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