Thursday, March 02, 2006

One-sided humanity

Esti Tsal, a Machsomwatch activist, writes an opinion peice about her experiences at West Bank checkpoints. She explains how difficult it is for Palestinians who need to go through a check-point manned by Israel soldiers before leaving the city. Tsal explains, "We want to highlight the violence, the moral deterioration, the lack of free movement, the persecution and violation of the Palestinians' most fundamental human rights."
Much of what she says is true factually, there is violence, anger perhaps even feelings of degradation. Any feeling person can not possibly be happy with seeing people have to suffer like this, I know I am not. I wish the check-points would go away, go back to the pre-Intifada days when Palestinians could come and go as they pleased and Israelis visited Palestinian towns and cities.
The fact is those heady days are sadly behind us, the Palestinians created an Intifada. By its name alone the Palestinians openly say they started this round of violence and Israel is just constantly trying to react and defend.
Of course Tsal hardly addresses Palestinian violence, she lives in a world where suicide bombers don't reside and Israel is just a spiteful nation who has nothing better to do than make other peoples life hell. Tsal continues, "But here everyone is guilty until proven innocent."
Again, this is the real world where a terrorist or someone assistaing a terrorist doesn't wear any identifiable markings. Israel used to have a profile for what a terrorist looked like so they could let anyone not be under such scrutiny. However, the Palestinians got wind of this and subsequently sent out young women, pregnant and disabled women, the young and the elderly either to blow themselves up or transport weaponry.
As a result the Israeli soldiers must scrutinize everyone and have to assume 'everyone is guilty until proven innocent'.
These good intentioned women of Machsomwatch have to understand that the biggest right is the right to life. Every other right, the right to freedom of movement included is secondary to that ultimate right. Heaven forbid the Israeli soldiers overlook someone because of these women's 'begging the soldiers to speed up the line' and that person murders and maims. That should keep them up at night.

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