Sunday, March 05, 2006

The 'morality' of the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams

Recently the Church of England Synod decided to boycott certain Israeli companies it deemed unsavoury. Even more recently, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the highest ranking Anglican, attacked Guantanamo Bay, branding the US prison camp an "extraordinary legal anomaly".
He added: "Any message given, that any state can just over-ride some of the basic habeas corpus type provisions, is going to be very welcome to tyrants elsewhere in the world, now and in the future."
So with this in mind, one would have expected Williams' recent visit to Sudan to be accompanied with some stinging criticism for the brutal regime of "tyrants".
An opinion piece by Nick Cohen in The Guardian illustrates the archbishop moral obscurity perfectly. Cohen says,"Anyone who had heard the Church of England's censure of Israel might have expected to see a primate filled with righteous wrath. Consider his opportunities. While he was there, the genocide was continuing in Darfur.
"On a visit to a church in Khartoum, the fearless archbishop told the congregation: 'It will be a joy to share with fellow Christians in Britain what... I have learnt from you.' What he had learnt was a history of massacre, slavery and second-class citizenship, but he didn't mention it.
"The next stop was the Sudan Inter-Religious Council in Khartoum. This might have been the place to lay into the dictatorship's murder and persecution of Sudanese Christians. Instead, he confined himself to saying: 'We are at peace with God when we face our failings with honesty.' And so it went on. He traveled through a country torn by religious mania and genocide without mentioning religious mania and genocide."
I am not an Anglican so it is not so relevant to me what sort of religious message Williams preaches. What does concern me and should concern every not only every moral Anglican but every human being is that Williams preaches about Guantanamo Bay and Israel while completely ignoring mass murder and mass rape and only has friendly messages for brutal dictators.

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