Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mickey Mouse to make Aliyah?

Well I don't know about Aliyah, but according to 'Mickey News' Walt Disney chairman says he is looking into possibility of filming or producing animated movies in Israel; delegation of producers from Hollywood expected to visit soon.
Will the next Disney movie be filmed in Israel? Chairman of Walt Disney Studios, Richard Cook, has promised that his staff would examine the possibility of filming a major motion picture in Israel.
Cook met recently with the Israeli Consul General in Los Angeles, Ehud Danoch, along with Mark Zoradi, president of Buena Vista International, which is owned by Disney.
In the past few weeks, the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles has been making concerted efforts to interest Hollywood studios in filming against the backdrop of the varied Israeli landscape.
Cook and Zoradi noted that Disney films see great success in Israel, and Israeli movie theaters are some of the world's most sophisticated.
Danoch told the two that Israel would be overjoyed to host Disney film crews in Israel and to have Disney use Israeli technology in its movie production.
Danoch also told the film executives about the advanced digital technology being developed in Israel, for the production of animated films.

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