Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Israel's helping hand: Nigeria asks Israel for help fighting Bird Flu

This is the first in a series called 'Israel's Helping Hand' and will highlight Israel's help that it provides to others. Too many people just think of Israel in purely conflict terms and aren't aware of the massive amount of humanitarian assistance and aid that it provides those outside of its borders.

The Foreign Ministry sent medical equipment and protective, anti-contagion gear to Nigeria. The equipment arrived Tuesday at the capital Abuja to be distributed to other locations around the country.
Following the bird flu outbreak in Nigeria and fear of it spreading throughout the most populated country in Africa, the Nigerian government turned to the international community for aid.
Israeli Ambassador in Nigeria Noam Katz even received a personal request from senior Nigerian officials, and the Israeli Foreign Ministry decided to respond.
Amir Lati, head of the African department in the Foreign Ministry said that "the Nigerians distributed a list of the equipment they need and personally asked for aid from Israel."

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