Sunday, March 26, 2006

"Israelis are racists"

Israel advocates have a hard time with statements like these written in the international press in the form of an opinion piece. The problem is that even if they make no sense, the statement is left hanging for all to see and a statement like that is sometimes more powerful to the naked eye than a hundred facts.
However, Israel advocates do not expect those sort of meaningless statements from within the mainstream Israeli press. Gideon Levy of Ha'aretz has made such statements in an opinion piece titled 'One racist nation'.
Upon further perusal of the article one can see that like so many articles of the same tilt it stands on very shaky foundations, although I have to be honest and say that I didn't even find one foundation.
Levy writes "Contrary to appearances, the elections this week are important, because they will expose the true face of Israeli society and its hidden ambitions." (Starts pretty ominous, so I am expecting something big).
"More than 100 elected candidates will be sent to the Knesset on the basis of one ticket - the racism ticket." (I can only really think of about twenty seats that will be taken by parties with race as a main platform, Arab and Jewish).
"An absolute majority of the MKs in the 17th Knesset will hold a position based on a lie: that Israel does not have a partner for peace." (Wait a minute, that is the proof that Israelis are racist? Having been bombarded for five years, being fearful to step foot in a cafe or bar, hearing Palestinians cheer the deaths of our loved ones and finally electing a party which bases itself on the Koran that Jews are evil and should die. Because we don't trust the Palestinian leadership, we are racist????
In the Second World War, if the Jews of Europe didn't trust their German leadership when they enacted the Nuremburg Laws, and worse, was that racist too????)
"Only one ambition unites everyone - to get rid of them, one way or another. Transfer or wall, "disengagement" or "convergence" - the point is that they should get out of our sight. The only game in town, the 'unilateral arrangement," is not only based on the lie that there is no partner, is not only based exclusively on our "needs" because of a sense of superiority, but also leads to a dangerous pattern of behavior that totally ignores the existence of the other nation."
(This beggars belief, Israelis think their superior because they want to say to the Palestinians, you want a state, have it???)
"Then came the major terror attacks and Israeli society withdrew into a sickness of apathy never before known to it." (Do you understand the ramification of what he is saying? The more we were attacked the more we should have extended a hand in peace. In fact Levy calls Israeli society sick for being wary of a people who were sending people to kill us. Go figure!!)
So there is Levy's preposterous suggestion. To any sane mind, the article is a contorted piece of nonsense. The problem is the catchy title is very magnetic to some and you can bet your last dollar that this will find it's way onto an anti-Israel website as proof that Israelis are racist.
If anyone sees it on any other website, please let us know.

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eli said...
The above link it to an article written by the publisher of haaretz newspaper. Though the article is in hebrew and a year old- after reading this article I think you (and anybody else that has "issues" with haaretz) will have a better understanding of how and why people like Mr. Levy can and do publish such articles in Haaretz, and how haaretz became a platform for many anti-israel israelis.