Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Israel as film location

Later this year, a large contingent of Hollywood filmmakers is scheduled to visit Israel to investigate possibilities of shooting movies here.
According to Yedioth Ahronoth, the visit was initiated by Israel's consul general in Los Angeles in an attempt to convince the American movie industry to shoot movies here.
The contingent will visit sites with high movie potential, such as the Judean Hills The Galilee, the Hula Valley, the Negev Desert and Eilat.
Israel should be quite an obvious location for the film industry. When shooting any film set in the Middle East, Israel definitely has a lot more to offer than most other Middle Eastern countries. Israel's landscape for a nation of its size is extremely varied from the snow-capped mountains of the Golan, the green and lush Galilee to the desert in the Negev. Israel is both modern and ancient with so much diversity Israel should become one of the premier film locations in the world.

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