Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hypocrisy of the highest order

Arab Israeli MK Talab el-Sana (United Arab List) wanted to organise a demonstration in front of the Ramat Gan Stadium to protest Wednesday's football game against Denmark. El-Sana wanted Israel's friendly game against Denmark cancelled due to the Mohammed cartoons and the offence caused to Muslims.
Firstly, this game was organised months ago before the cartoon uproar and secondly why is he blaming the Danish football team for what an independent journalist did.
El-Sana said that he spoke to IFA Chairman Itche Menachem ahead of the game: “I made clear to Menachem that it is important Israel cancel the game to show it respects its Muslim citizens. This is not just any Danish league squad, it is the team that represents the country.”
Menachem answered "I have no intentions of canceling the game. I asked el-Sana ‘where were you when Iran’s president said Israel should be annihilated? Why didn’t you ask them to be suspended from the Mundial?’ But I also told him I would be against that anyway, because I’m opposed to mixing politics and sports.”
It was a great answer by Menachem and really shows the hypocrisy as work here. While Israeli Arab members of Israel's parliament travel to Israel's worst enemies with blood on their hands, they want to halt a football match because of an offensive cartoon.
El-Sana himself had planned to visit and consort with Bashar Assad, the Syrian President, who has made so many anti-Semitic remarks. Also, where was El-Sana when an American Jewish reporter was barred entry to Syria just because he was Jewish?
Come to think of it, where was the international outcry?

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