Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hurrah for Hollywood!

Hollywood has come in for a lot of criticism of late for its anti-Israel stance. Last nights Oscars show that Hollywood has got a shred of decency when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
'Munich' and 'Paradise Now' two films which can't differentiate between terrorists and those who battle terrorists and humanise terrorism respectively went home with no awards.
Perhaps even a bigger surprise was the fact that the film 'Paradise Now' was introduced as coming from the "Palestinian Territories," rather than "Palestine," as initially listed. KIC have been a long supporter of the correct terminology, especially in the use of 'Palestine' where no such place exists.
On the Friday before the Oscars, Nonie Darwish, the daughter of an Arab "martyr" killed by Israeli forces presented a petition with 36,000 signatures to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Friday, denouncing its selection of Paradise Now for Oscar honors.
Nonie Darwish harshly criticized the Palestinian film about two suicide bombers for "putting a human face on the murderers of children."
Darwish was the sole speaker at a news conference sponsored by The Israel Project, which organized the petition campaign and which seeks to educate the American media and public about Israel.
The group also placed a full-page ad Friday in the entertainment industry daily Variety featuring photos of an Israeli bus and teenager blown up by a suicide bomber.
The news conference was held at a Hollywood restaurant adjacent to the Kodak Theater, the site of Sunday's glittering Academy Awards.

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