Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hollywood Shame Now

The film 'Paradise Now',whcih tells the story if a pair of Palestinian suicide bombers has just won a Golden Globe Award and is in line for an Oscar. The film troublingly tries to 'explain' this phenomenom of suicide-terrorism, it gives a human face to those whose goal is to kill and maim as many people as possible.
Yossi Tzur, who lost a son Assaf in a suicide bombing writes a very heart-wrenching critique of this film and the adulation it is receiving.
Tzur writes "The movie is trying to say that suicide murders are a legitimate option when all other means have been exhausted. Is it legitimate for a suicide murderer to board a bus and kill 15 or 20 people? How about a suicide murderer who walks into a city with a biological bomb and kills 10,000 or 100,000 people - is that still legitimate? Where does one draw the line?
The world should draw the line at one person.
The killing of even one person is not legitimate. My son was almost 17 years old. He loved surfing. He loved loud music. He is now gone because a suicide murderer decided it's legitimate to blow himself up on a crowded bus.
Encouraging film makers to hide behind the award and say that the world declared suicide bombing a legitimate means without looking at the messages the movie carries and its implications for future terrorists, makes the award's decision makers part of the evil chain of terror and makes them participants in the next suicide murders, whether there are 17 victims or 17,000."

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