Monday, March 06, 2006

Hatred's Embassy

The news that Iran is intending to open an embassy in the palestinian Authority should be extremely worrisome news for all those who seek a peaceful solution to the Israel-Palestinian crisis.
What should serve as even worse news is the apparently ideological bent that this embassy will project. The aim will be to spread Islam's waging of a final, apocalyptic battle against "evil" – and to help spread Iranian theocracy and rule throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Muhamad Gawanmeh, director of Iran's new Shia Council in Palestine, said "Now that Hamas was adopted by Iran, who announced a huge financial support to Hamas and to the Palestinian people, and now that Hizbullah is facing a Zionist-American conspiracy to disarm, we decided that this is the most suitable moment to declare the foundation of our council in Palestine and to start acting publicly."
This trio of Hizbullah, Hamas and Iran could be called Israel's own "Axis of Evil", and it is extremely worrying that all three are working in tandem to destroy Israel.
The Palestinian Authority security forces are investigating the new Shi'ite group that has been operating in the West Bank and Gaza Strip over the past few days. It appears Hamas is worried that there could be sectarian violence between the majority Sunnis and the very small number of Shiites living in the PA.
Leaflets distributed by Hamas and Fatah militias on Sunday threatened to thwart the attempt by a Shi'ite group to establish power bases in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
"We already have too many groups and militias in Palestine," said one leaflet. "There's no room for another one, especially a Shi'ite council."

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