Friday, March 10, 2006

Election adverts

One of the highlights of Israel's election season are the party adverts or party political broadcasts as we called them in the UK. Every night for an hour (on all three main channels) every registered party gets time (proportionate to the size of the party in Knesset) to convince the electorate to vote for their party.
Sometimes they are very controversial, sometimes hilarious, but always give you a good insight in to how the party wishes to show itself in the eyes of the electorate.
For those outside of Israel, who are not able to see the adverts, I have attached a few links that sum up the first few nights of adverts.
Israel national News, BBC, Awesome Seminars (includes all the parties and what they stand for as well as a selection of a few of the main party adverts) and the Jerusalem Post.
On a related subject, the Kadima Party is considering changing the election system so that all 120 MKs would be elected directly, regionally and personally, Education Minister Meir Sheetrit said.
I welcome this initiative for accountability's sake, for far too long Israeli politicians have not been directly accountable to the electorate. The current system of proportional representation means that one does not have a directly elected Member of Knesset that you can turn to. In the UK, where they have constituency elections, every Member of Parliament has what is called a 'surgery' where the MP has an open office where anyone can approach them with an issue or problem.
It would be interesting to see if that ever became the practice in Israel.

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