Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Earth to Chirac......

Even though Hamas have stated for the umpteenth time that they will not recognise Israel's right to exist, it seems ceratin people just ignore them.
French President Jacques Chirac, ever the optimist when it comes to the Arab world just doesn't seem to believe Hamas.
Speaking to reporters on the final day of his visit to Saudi Arabia, Chirac said Hamas has to come round to recognizing Israel and stopped terror attacks on Israel because "one cannot recognize a government that uses violence as a policy."
"I hope that the discussions begun with Hamas by a certain number of parties can lead to this positive result," Chirac added, apparently referring to the recent Russian talks with Hamas leader.
"Speaking truthfully, I don't doubt it because Hamas must now assume the responsibilities of democracy," Chirac added.
Maybe we are being hard on Jacques, sometimes Hamas do give a hint that one day they will recognise Israel's right to exist.
Aziz Dweik, speaker of the Palestinian Authority legislature, said in an interview that “If Israel changes its attitudes toward Palestinians, if it does so much as soften its occupation practice, everything would change. Israel has to do the first step,” he told Austria’s Kurier newspaper.
Asked if Hamas would change its charter calling for the Jewish state’s destruction, Aziz was circumspect.
“For such a fundamental change there would have to be a referendum. If Israel changed the atmosphere, a positive referendum would be thinkable. But please show me borders first before you ask me to recognize them,” he said.
Aziz said Hamas would insist on Palestinian refugees winning the “right” to resettle in Israel.
So there we have it. Firstly, Hamas will recognise Israel if it does something that Hamas knows for sure will not and could not happen. Secondly, Hamas will recognise Israel when Israel is on the verge of destruction.

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