Friday, March 24, 2006

Double Standard Exists on Terrorism

Oscra winning documentary-maker Arthur Cohn is fed up of people always redeeming terrorism if it is against Israel. Cohn writes an article called 'Double Standard Exists on Terrorism' and decries this stance, while also providing good solid arguments for Israel's case.
Unfortunately, Jewish media people — among them many Israelis — have a strong share in this unjust and dangerous distinction. There is one word that is the basis for the acceptance of Palestinian terrorists, a word used again and again in all political discussions around the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. That word is “occupation.”All land that was not part of Israel until 1967 is termed “occupied territory.” By that definition, it is stolen land, and all means seem to be justified to force Israel to return the theft.
Those who declare that great parts of Israel are occupied territories also indirectly support the Arabs claim that the Jews really don’t have any true roots in the Holy Land, as it is written in Palestinian school books and Arab propaganda.
By declaring that all these areas are part of an illegal occupation, we also support the peculiar idea that all these areas must become judenrein, an idea that is not conducive to real peace. If more than 1 million Palestinian Arabs live in Israel, why is it unthinkable that Jews will live under Palestinian Authority?
In this connection, it must be stressed that almost all Jews who settled beyond the green line of 1967 built their homes on public land and not on privately owned Arab property.
If our demand for security lacks a basis of law, justice and morals, if we don’t stress our rights in the land of Israel, if we basically justify the Arab position that large parts of Israel belong only to them and are forcefully stolen, we cannot wonder when we see so many young students on American university campuses accepting the Palestinian propaganda against Israel.
We cannot wonder when so many writers and media people speak out against Israel politics; we cannot wonder when large churches tell their congregants not to support Israel economically; and we cannot wonder if a prestigious award is given to a film that shows understanding, even a certain admiration, for anti-Israel terrorists."

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