Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dance Magazine boycotts Israel, justifies terror

A new more sinister type of boycott is emerging against Israel, an unofficial boycott of everything Israeli bred from absolute ignorance. The latest case is that of a British-based dance magazine called 'Dance Europe' which has recently turned down an article about an Israel dance company.
The editor, Emma Manning said in response to a question as to why she boycotted Israel, “as an editor, I am entitled to choose what to print. It is my prerogative.” Head of advertising Naresh Kaul was more forthcoming saying: “We are opposed to the occupation. If any company in Israel co-operates with us by adding a disclaimer saying it is opposed to the occupation, settlements and everything else, we will co-operate with them.”The website of the 17,500 circulation magazine includes a link to the website of the Palestine El-Funoun Popular Dance Troupe. Asked why the Palestinian company was not required to provide a disclaimer against suicide bombings, Mr Kaul responded: “There’s a reason for people to become suicide bombers. Their land has been occupied.”
Two points stand out here as totally outrageous. Firstly, what does Ms Manning mean by "everything else", she has mentioned the occupation and the settlements. Could she mean Israel itself? It seems like she obviously has a big problem with Israel, so it is not such a large stretch to say.
Secondly, Mr Kraul openly condones suicide bombing and feels no particular problem in making such a statement. The sad fact is it is becoming far too de rigeur to make such statements and get away with it. Many like Kraul may say they are not condoning or justifying terrorism, but they 'understand' it. To me that is just the same.

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