Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Campaign on Behalf of Jews From Arab Lands

For many in the world Israel is made up of Jews from POlnad, Russia, Germany and the like. The fact is that there are just as many Jews in Israel formerly from Arab or Muslim countries. These Jews fled or were expelled from their homes shortly after the State of Israel came into being. Some of these Jews had been there millenia, way before Islam and the Moslem conquest began. These people, some of who left behind great wealth, desreve our attention, justice and conpensation.
To this end 14 different Jewish communities in countries around the world are undertaking international advocacy campaign this month to bring the rights of Jewish expellees from Arab lands into the public eye and before world leaders. The month will also see an intensified effort to catalogue losses suffered by the Jews expelled from Arab states. Generating the idea for the campaign were the World Association of Jews from Arab Countries (WOJAC), in association with Justice for Jews from Arab Countries (JJAC). A JJAC spokesman said that two-thirds of the Jewish refugees from Arab states and their offspring live in Israel, where the ministry of justice has created a database to collect testimony of refugees and document the assets they were forced to leave behind. So far, Israeli officials have collected the case histories of some 3,000 families. As part of the effort, the Canadian Jewish Congress will be pushing for a Canadian government statement in the House of Commons on Jewish refugees. In June 2005, then-Prime Minister Paul Martin acknowledged in an interview that as many as 850,000 Jews fled Arab or Muslim countries and that Jewish refugees claims should be taken into consideration.

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