Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Arab Woman accepted to the Foreign Ministry cadet training course

As with the recent story of an Arab applying to be in the elite Israel Air Force pilots unit, this story is also very welcome. Rania Jubran, a 26 year-old lawyer from Haifa, is about to make history and become the first Israeli-Arab ever to be accepted to the prestigious Foreign Ministry cadet training course.
Jubran is a member of one of the most renowned, respected and pioneering families in the Arab community in Israel. Her father, High Court
of Justice Judge Salim Jubran, was the first Arab to ever serve in that capacity in the country, while her brother, Attorney Assad Jubran, was the first flight attendant to work for the national airline El Al and was later appointed first Arab director at the Israeli Electric Company.
She will not be the first Arab to serve as a diplomat for Israel, that distinction goes to Ali Yahia. In 1995, Yahia was appointed Israel's ambassador to Finland, and was the first Israeli-Arab in the Foreign Service. However, Yahia did not go through the Service's training course.
Several Druze and one Bedouin Israelis have also been admitted to the course in the past.
We welcome these and other moves by members of the Arab community to become more integrated into Israeli life and all that entails. We hope there will come a time that stories like this will not be newsworthy because they are the norm rather than the exception.

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