Saturday, March 04, 2006

Arab Hostages to the Palestinian cause

"Do the Palestinians really merit our undivided attention?" This question was posed in Lebanon's Daily Star recently. A very interesting article by Michael Young, the opinion editor of The Daily Star, wonders why the Arab world should care about the Palestinian cause.
"The fate of the Palestinians has become a benchmark for injustice, a suppurating wound that must be healed before international, but also regional, wellbeing can be merited. But isn't that also a form of blackmail?"
This is a very interesting opinion because it asks why the whole international agenda has been hijacked by a cause that doesn't even know how to end itself. While very serious problems are overlooked on the world agenda at international gatherings and donor conferences, the Palestinian cause is put in terms that would have us believe that all worldly problems would disappear if that was solved.
It is a very refreshing introspective coming from the Arab world.

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