Thursday, March 02, 2006

Apparently the Western Media is anti-Israel

According to Tim Llewellyn, former BBC Middle East correspondent, "Little has changed in the thirty years since the publication of 'Publish It Or Not', the classic expose of pro-Israeli bias in the Western media." Llewellyn said this at a London meeting organised by the Council for the Advancement Of Arab British Understanding .

For those who don't know 'Publish it Or Not' was a book written by Michael Adams and Christopher Mayhew about how the Western media don't report on anything anti-Israel.
Llewellyn, who contributed to the new edition of the book emphasised that "it is not our aim to be anti-Israeli. Our aim is to make sure coverage of the conflict is fair. In the last few years it has become increasingly unfair and the situation is worse now than when the book was first written. There was space for a Palestinian state, the Palestinians had a strong organisation, the PLO, to put their case forward. Now the Palestinians are in disarray and their elected government is being ignored. During the past five years there has been no empathetic reporting, many journalists are based in West Jerusalem and not the West Bank and this dispute is not being fairly reported from both sides. The focus is on Israeli security but what about Palestinian security? The Israelis have mounted a fercious media attack and it has worked".

There are a few items here which every Israel advocate should know. Firstly, it is astonishing that an ex-Middle East correspondent can claim pro-Israel bias when he himself up until recently presented the news about Israel. What is he saying, he was forced to be biased?
Another perhaps very important lesson that can be learned from this is that as much as we think the media is anti-Israel, there are those who think it is pro-Israel. I remember a few years ago speaking to a BBC reporter who told me that they receive just as many complaints of pro-Israel bias as anti-Israel bias.

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